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About Me

I am Pprita, a teacher who turns into a content writer.

You need to know me before hiring my service.

How I started my journey into the writing world seems exciting, and it brings a drastic change in my professional career.

My journey into the world of writing!

After leaving my teaching profession, I started my journey in the world of writing. Curious? Why did I leave the most dignified job? Well, after spending five years of successful teaching classes, my vocal cord got damaged. Forcefully I had to leave the profession I was cherishing once.

There is a creative writing bug in me since my childhood. I used to take part in inter-school essay competitions, little mag writing competitions in my student life. My zeal for writing turned my career, and I became a content writer. My quick learning ability added value to my creativity. The writing industry is vast, and there is a lot to explore.

It’s 2017 when I decided to reshape my career as a content writer. After completing a content writing course, I started my career as a freelancer. I prefer to stay at home and work with multiple clients

More briefing about me!

Within two years of the content writing journey ( one year, I took a complete break), I had attempted website content, blog articles, ghost posts. With a literature background, I always find comfort in the non-technical niche. But I tried every nook as per clients’ requirements.

I attempted various industry content, as well.

What seems interesting to me is the research part. Usually, I prefer to research before drafting any category content.

The writing industry has been changing with the hands of digitalization. And digital marketing has become a part of any enterprise is the trend.


As a result, I too complete a course on digital marketing. I know the basics of social media marketing and the role of Search Engine Optimization in content writing. I apply researched keywords that generate traffic. The genre is called SEO writing.

I am a digital marketer too!

Content writing is a part of digital marketing. And when I know how to research the relevant keywords and apply them to the content, the write up serves the real purpose.


And when the client says your content passes the readability check, it brings job satisfaction.

Accept challenges and grow is my funda!

I love to take on challenges. It’s always been a part of me. That’s why I have tried my hands at copywriting. I started digging up the copywriting in-depth to grab the industry demand and wish to assist my clients.

The constant thrive to explore the unknown facts is my crazy hobby. To me, success is measured when you are done with everything and reach a certain point when nothing new is left to explore. Thus it’s a myth that my exploration of skill hunting never ends. I throw myself to learn the skill that suits my profession.

A few essential info about me!


My name: Pprita Roy


My education: Master in English Literature B.ed


My skill

My Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Hunting, and exploring mysterious facts


My Passion: Explore and Expedition to the new thing.


My strength: Never say no to challenge, Can’t sit idly.


My Dream: To become a renowned writer of crime and suspense thriller


How do I help you?

I feel happy to assist you in your writing requirements.

Mail me if you have any query regarding content and copywriting to [email protected]!

I check every mail with equal importance.


For further information about my writing services in detail, kindly visit my service page.